When former writer, comedian and radio host Mike Lips contemplated returning to broadcast radio after being offered a morning show position in southern California, he presented the opportunity to his children, who had recurring appearances during his previous stints. Their excitement was dulled when it was explained to them that a morning show would include a 6 AM start, and a much earlier alarm.

After the briefest of consideration his youngest son exclaimed, “for four hours! They would have to call it the not so morning show.”

After respectfully declining the offer he later was approached about this idea by benefactor (albeit modestly) Scars Longbaughl, with an understanding that nobody has to get up early or stay up late, unless they want to. This offer seems to work for everybody.

So now it has become time to take the show on the road, just up the road preferably. Based in southern Orange County, between the Los Angeles and San Diego markets, yet available now anywhere, from right here! Hence we can bring a morning show feel regardless of when, or where we are working, or playing.

The show is within walking distance from anywhere in the continental United States, no longer dependent on how long you want to walk.

We love sports, we don’t focus on the big story, preferring to appreciate the Charlie Brown moments in life, go ahead, kick the ball. If Lucy Van Pelt were a kid today, with a football, and a mobile phone that takes HD video, we would want to chat with her.

The market calls for music, we’d like to feature artists, with interviews. Leaving us with licensing or, using locals!

The entertainment world is fun fodder, political alliances seem a bit extreme so we rarely comment on ineptitude, and no, there is no one here who has a medication named after him… or so it is claimed.

But life right here brings us so many topics to have fun with, join us.