lamarkard300x211( Hollywood, CA- A married National Basketball Association player having an extramarital affair. Is it really news? Do we have to report it? Is this something that we are breaking with as an exclusive?

No, no, and… no.

It’s as old as the game itself it seems, led by the example set by Wilt Chamberlain, who scored 100 points in a single NBA game and claimed to have scored with 20,000 different women in his bedroom, the league has received plenty of attention for it’s infidelity. It’s such a tired story line you could not sell the latest to television, but then again, E Television already owns the right$ to this one.

After a failed TV show, “Khloe and Lamar” (it takes a substantial amount of money to put the name ‘Kardashian’ on your product), it looks like the second attempt at a Kardashian/ NBA merger could soon be canceled as well. The whirlwind romance and marriage between Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, as seen on TV, was not necessarily filled with cliff hangers throughout their two seasons on the air. Khloe meets the Los Angeles Laker Lamar, world champion and reigning NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award winner, attends a few games, they marry, she wants to have his baby and notifies the world media and press. The storyline held with very little variation, other than Lamar joining the Dallas Mavericks and playing ridiculously poor basketball before being requested to not play for them, ever again, Khloe’s role through the series run remained the same.

As this latest attempt at a Kardashian/NBA merger may have literally gone up in smoke, if one is to believe everything, or anything, they see on the entertainment shows, or if one happened to clean a hotel room after Lamar finally checked out. It seemed like another bit of franchising (genius?) from the mind of matriarch Kris Jenner (Kardashian), after having her previous attempt matching daughter Kim with NBA player Kris Humphries fail, in spite of the K and K thing, and right after “hey your name starts with K too!” Kris (Jenner) responded by moving Khloe in the basketball arena and transferred Kim into the music end of the family business.

Behind the scenes Kris has focused her efforts on her daughters. With good reason, husband Bruce Jenner, the former Olympic decathlon gold medalist, has been working to get to his 16th minute of fame for decades. His recent appearance on the CBS show “I Get That A Lot” could be considered one of the worst pieces the clan, and perhaps CBS, has put on the air. The show places pseudo stars in an everyday environment interacting with the public, while pretending to be just another individual who may have a resemblance to a pop culture figure. Jenner played a shoe salesman in his episode and could not fool anybody. Really? What are the odds that a shoe salesman could afford to get exactly the same famously poor plastic surgeries as Bruce Jenner? A face that looks as though any moment his lips could flap wildly about from the g forces bombarding it, a few seconds from passing out. We are not talking train wreck, this is the face of a guy who somehow got caught holding onto the nose of a rocket at lift off… If that’s not Bruce Jenner, it’s a guy wearing a Phyllis Diller mask.

Not excusing Lamar’s infidelity, but how many real people could deal with the reality of this group, without wanting to lock themselves in a hotel room somewhere for a few days.

Mike Lips

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