Whale Watch or Shark Baiting

(thenotsomorningshow.com)- As the whales have been migrating along the southern California coastline, photos have been popping up on the internet of whale sightings taken from boats around the Dana Point Harbor and in the Cove at Laguna Beach, California.

Troy Liposec grew up in San Clemente and has spent much of his life in the Pacific Ocean as an avid surfer. This past winter Troy decided to take on the hobby of whale watching, which for most, if not all of us, would require a boat charter.

Not Troy. He has videoed several of the same photographed sightings, taken quite a bit closer than what the captains of the boats are willing to attempt. Of course boat captains have a boat, crew and paying customers safety to be concerned with.

Troy regularly takes his stand up paddle board out between  2-4 miles, though some days he doesn’t need to go out nearly that distance, looking for and finding whales and other sea life. His idea is to use his GoPro camera to find and video blue whales, the largest animal in recorded earth history. In doing so he has some unique footage, what could beat the feeling of being alone on the sea and running into a 10,000 pound grey whale, or two.

Listen to the comments of this boat captain who was on a whale watching charter three miles off the coast witnessing Troy being approached by two grey whales.

Perhaps this is not too complimentary, here is the view Troy had of a similar event.

I have been calling Troy “Sharkbait”, he in turn has invited me to paddle out with him. I can’t help but be reminded of the old joke punchline, paraphrased…
“I don’t have to out paddle the shark, I just have to out paddle you!”

So if you are on your boat and see a man on sneaking up on whales on a SUP, say hello to Troy for me. Unless he is paddling at a very quick pace and is pulling away from a second paddle boarder.

Thanks Troy, you are on.

Mike Lips

photo credit: Troy Liposec


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