(thenotsomorningshow.com)- Google recently revealed that they have secretly driven vehicles on the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles, with the driver in the back seat on a computer and a passenger on the drivers seat, basically sitting on his hands.

Google claims it is operating the vehicles within the letter of California DMV law, though after much research the author could find nothing in the state DMV handbook covering the issue.

The automobile is seen to the technology world as the “fourth screen”, after TV, computers and cell phones. It appears that Google, with it’s mapping system already well in place, is hurriedly attempting to move into another market. Imagine driving down the road in the future in your “GMC iTruck ” or “Ford Windows Hybrid Coupe”, scanning the internet or making face to face calls as you relax, in the drivers seat.

A fine image for the future, but putting reportedly over 140,000 miles on these test vehicles in traffic meccas in California is akin to… well who cares, it is California. It is disconcerting to many that these tests were done in stealth. Could Google not have used a test track available from one of the nations failed automakers? Sure they can afford the insurance, what will this do to the rest of the population who go about their lives not knowing when a driver-less Google vehicle will cross their paths?

What happens when the computer fails?

What is this going to do to my automobile insurance?

What good will using my horn do now?

Where do I direct my single digit salute?

On the positive side it seems we can finally shelve the flying car idea, right Google… Google?”

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