Got Voice

Got Voice? Need Voice?
Try Ours!


With the addition of Mike Lips we are pleased to announce The Not So Morning Show now includes voice overs with audio production.

From calm and collected to authoritative, from unmoved to entertaining, when your words are spoken by Mike Lips, it is about making you sound good. Everyone from large companies to Mom and Pop shops, everything from phone systems to mobile phones, TV and radio to training tapes, get Mike to work for you.

Projects can be produced from our southern California studio, including a travel studio for remote recording. Mike also is available for on site projects as needed, recordings available in the format that meets the clients specific needs, as fast as the systems for transferring files change, we change with them.

 Our services include, but are not limited to;
* Animation * Audio Book * Commercial (TV, radio and internet) * Corporate Audio and Video *
* Documentary * Infomercial  * Phone System * Sales Presentation * Sports Broadcasting *
* Voice Actor * Voice Over *
And the always popular… More!

Attention to your specific details is the most important step of the process, the spoken word means little without realizing the clients intended vision, let’s work together and have you sound good.

Contact Mike Lips here for more information, all inquiries will be responded to within one business day. We also discount returning clients and referrals, we want Mike to be the voice in everyone’s head, yours included.