(thenotsomorningshow.com) Northampton, England – Following the release of new video showing a group of English men being savagely attacked by an elderly woman, the country is forced to reevaluate their responsibility for protecting young lads from these continuing assaults.
Locals who are willing to speak on the matter do so anonymously, for fear of reprisal, claiming these attacks have been a common occurrence all over England and have been going unreported for decades.

Men ranging in age from 15 to as old as 50 have been victims of this aggression. While many have been assailed individually, these brazen, unprovoked violations have recently expanded to include daylight attacks. Men in England have taken to traveling in groups, on scooters, or wearing headgear in attempting to keep themselves safe. The common link in police reports is the perpetrators all being described as “grandmother, or great grandmother like, appearing from out of nowhere to beat their victims with shoes, hand bags, coin purses, and umbrellas before vanishing stealthily”.

This poses a tremendous challenge to the government and the citizens of England, where it is illegal to own a firearm, yet there is no law to prohibit a grandmother from possessing a handbag.

This most recent attack took place February 7 at 9:30 AM local time, when a group of six young men appear to recognize the imminent danger facing them, unfortunately they do not react in time. The men pull off the roadway and seek shelter in a jewelry store, however the owner refuses to assist them in fear for his own safety. The terrified men then attempt to enter the store by breaking through a glass window but are unable to reach safety before the beating begins.

The protective gear each is wearing is credited with saving their lives.

The following YouTube video, captures the event, viewer be advised that this includes violent content, from European news.

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