(thenotsomorningshow.com) – After years of trying to convince the world with the results of our own investigative work here at the NSMS, another source has released a photograph dated from the civil war as evidence indicating actor Nicolas Cage could be at least 175 years old.
We have been the lead on ‘Nicolas Cage’ investigations, including numerous images of ‘Nicholas Cage’ found in;
16th century Indian pottery.
In more than one piece of old royalty free news video.
In a photo of the Lincoln inauguration.
Etchings in cave walls.
A facial image carved across China that can only be seen from space, slightly obscured by the Great Wall.
And something any one can do for themselves, take an image of Nicolas Cage and the NASA moon man face, lay them side by side and compare the images…. WTF!
Our evidence is a collection detailed and supported by photographic images of each individual claim. The thespian we now as Nicolas Cage the actor, did allow himself to be photographed during the early years of the camera, not believing the trinket could possibly last as long as he, a man who has walked among mortals, for centuries, millenniums?
Now one hundred and fifty years since the Civil War, one snapshot Cage took before enlisting to fight for the Union has been located and presented to the world media, we have the rest coming soon.
Why is he here?
Stay updated for our release of more to the public.

UPDATE:12/28/2015 – Well it seems some of our evidence is credible, and perhaps some of it was incredible.

We have come across something even more astounding, check out Netflix and how many movies Nicolas Cage has completed.

There is no way one man can appear in that many movies. Our findings are pointing us in another direction. There is more than one Nicolas Cage.

Stay updated for our release of more to the public, again.

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