(thenotsomorningshow.com)- At one time in their life they were on top of the world, enjoying fame and the perks of being a star, today they are mostly forgotten. Some can’t find work waving signs on a street corner, others can’t even get arrested, some do.
In the first of our series of Where Are They Now we have located the original Papa, who recently has been brought back into the public eye with recent media comparisons to MTV’s Snooki. Let’s welcome Papa Smurf.

Scars Longbaughl: Thank you for joining us, first let’s get to these comparisons in the media with Snooki…
Papa Smurf: As far as I know, you have been the only one making that comparison.

Scars Longbaughl: What have you been doing since leaving your show?
Papa Smurf: I have been manufacturing doll house furniture.

Scars Longbaughl: Have you done any acting?
Papa Smurf: Not a scene since we wrapped up the Smurfs, my agent warned me about the dangers of being stuck in a two dimensional role. I guess one could say I was typecast as the smaller than a mushroom old blue guy, so if any producers or directors are in need…

Scars Longbaughl: And you’re saying you have lost roles because of your appearance?
Papa Smurf: Are you for real? Look at me, I am two and a half inches tall and blue!

Scars Longbaughl: Where you approached at all to reprise your roll in the upcoming “Smurf” movie?
Papa Smurf: Not even a call, but that tends to happen in Hollywood, none of our original cast members were used. Adam West and Burt Ward did not get any calls when the “Batman” movies where introduced, and look at all the actors who have tried to replace them.

Scars Longbaughl: What is the most long lasting effect of the show on you personally?
Papa Smurf: This damn blue skin pigment treatment.

Scars Longbaughl: You are not naturally blue?
Papa Smurf: Were you raised in front of a TV? How many blue people have you met in your life? After filming a pilot episode it was determined that the Smurfs needed color, so the studio retrofitted a tanning bed to develop a deep blue tan, the one thing that they overlooked is the long term effect of blue tanning.

Scars Longbaughl: Well there is the Blue Man Group…
Papa Smurf: They are an act you idiot! They finish a show and wash their blue off, I am the victim of circumstance, I am this color all day every day and am stuck with this legacy.

Scars Longbaughl: Very similar to Snooki and her tanning treatments.
Papa Smurf: Well, okay, that is a fair assessment, she is orange, I am blue.

Scars Longbaughl: It was reported that towards the end of the shows run that your drinking had led to confrontations with studio heads, your director, and advertisers.
Papa Smurf: I used to enjoy a glass or two of fermented blueberries. Nothing I could not handle.

Scars Longbaughl: Again, sounding rather Snooki like, don’t you think?
Papa Smurf: Are you really going to continue down this path? Can I get a drink?

Scars Longbaughl: I bet you don’t know Snooki’s real name?
Papa Smurf: I think as many people will remember hers as will remember mine, it’s just like that when you play a cartoon character.

Scars Longbaughl: You had your name changed to Papa Smurf, what was your name before changing it?
Papa Smurf: My birth name was George Clooney.

Scars Longbaughl: Kind of tough changing back to that now?
Papa Smurf: Indeed, people could get the two of us confused, having the same name would increase that.

Scars Longbaughl: Ah, touché Papa Smurf!


Note: Photo used above is of Paul Karason.

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