(thenotsomorningshow.com) Everybody knows somebody who is a skateboarder, it is not a crime, though for a few of us who have been ticketed in the past, it will remain on your permanent record. Okay, not on your permanent record, that is a stretch.
Now skateboarding prohibition is over, according to FOX television anyway.

JulianBleecker via photopin

Perhaps the addition of Street League Skateboarding on FOX can be accepted as a pardon for the outlaws who once road the curbs. The network announced it will join with SLS founder Rob Dyrdek in bringing the professional league to cable television with an announced three-year agreement to televise each contest live on the networks Fox Sports 1 channel.

Dyrdek, a renowned skateboarder in his youth, has turned the sport into an event competition with point scoring systems and has run a successful league filling arenas for five seasons. First introduced to the viewing audience in MTV‘s “Rob and Big“, adding “Ridiculousness” and “Rob Drydek’s Fantasy Factory“, Dyrdek is literally building skate parks while he builds the sport and his unique brand.

By all appearances Dyrdek is a hard working individual who may take a break for his own brand of wackiness and humor, and is the ideal face for this professional venture.

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